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Terms and Conditions of Use

• The application CableApp (hereinafter app) aims at providing assistance for the selection of the Prysmian cable that fits better to the user needs. The data elaborated and verified with the major attention and diligence must be considered only for informative purposes.

• The enrollment on the application is destined to Prysmian clients, students, and professionals of electric and electronic technical areas.

• Prysmian reserves the right to modify, without previous notice, the technical characteristics presented in this application.

• The values of the admissible current corresponding to each method of installation are based on the Brazilian Standard NBR 5410 - Low Voltage Electric Installations (2004 Edition) - which also establishes the environmental and usage conditions for each type of cable. The choice of the appropriate cable is under responsibility of the final user.

• The results obtained on the App are calculated with the higher precision that is possible, based on information, mathematical, and engineering models, in addition to knowledge and technology made available so far. The abilities mentioned above reduce but do not eliminate, the inherent randomness on the subsequent conditions that must be considered during the planning of the activities and implementation of the product.

• Prysmian does not assume the responsibility for material or personal damages, direct or indirect, of any nature, stemming from third-party complaints or not, that may be related to the App usage. We recommend that you consult an adequate professional for the correct sizing of your project, being under the responsibility of the final user the selection of the type of the appropriate cable.

• Prysmian does not assume the responsibility for any damage to legal persons, companies, or individual persons, regarding the App usage, including, in all aspects, the damage related to the loss of assets, benefits, and income, biological damage, damage derived from costs of reactivation, replacement, or other similar costs, direct or indirect, accidental or consequent, or even hypothetically related to the usage of the “CableApp” App, with the user assuming the full responsibility for any usage of the App and for the possible consequences that might involve civil or criminal matters.”

CableApp Privacy Policy

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Intellectual Property

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The brands and the name Prysmian, and any Prysmian’s rights of intellectual property cannot be copied, modified, used, reproduced, transferred, loaded, published, or distributed without the previous consent of the owner. Prysmian Group gives permission to electronically copy and print the printed parts of this website only for the purposes of personal usage, with the notice "Copyright © 2014 Prysmian Group". Any unauthorized usage of the contents or commercial brands of Prysmian must be considered as a violation of the intellectual property rights and the copyrights of Prysmian, and must be processed in accordance with the applicable laws.

Legal Notice

Although reasonable care has been taken in the collection and exhibition of the information contained therein, Prysmian does not offer an express or implicit guarantee regarding its accuracy, integrity, usefulness, usage in any way by users, and does not assume any responsibility for mistakes or omissions contained therein. Prysmian does not assume any responsibility, express or implicit, of any nature, regarding the users' access to this website or to the users' usage of any contents of it.

Corporate and financial information - Prysmian believes that published corporate and financial information was accurate on the date in which they were filed at the relevant regulatory authority or otherwise published. The release of such information on the internet must not be understood to imply that there has not been any amendment since the date in which the information was filed or that the information is accurate from any moment subsequent to the date in which they were filed or published.

Product information - Moreover, one party that wants to buy goods must make a specific query about the character of the goods/products and their adequacy to the usage to which they will be submitted. Prysmian can also perform enhancements and/or amendments on the products described at this website without previous notice.

Portuguese language - most of the documents present at this website is a translation in Portuguese for the convenience of documents originally written in Italian and/or English. When preparing the translations, an attempt of translating the document as literally as possible was made, without compromising the general continuity of the text. However, unavoidably, there might be differences in the translations. If this happens, the text in Italian shall prevail.

Legal terminology - in translations, the Italian legal concepts are expressed in English terms, and translated into Portuguese, and not in Italian original. The concepts under discussion may not be identical to the ones described on the terms in English, for these terms may be understood under the laws of other jurisdictions.


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Relationship with Investors

The content of the pages in “Relationship with Investors” is supplied by Teleborsa S.r.l, on behalf of Prysmian S.p.A.